A downloadable game for Windows

You need to have SteamVR and an HTC Vive to play this game.

Deep in space, culinary artists around the galaxy have uncovered an ancient recipe for one of the most delicious foods to hit a menu: the Hamburger. Euphemia, a popular chef in the region it was discovered, won't take being outclassed by bounty hunters, and is set on putting her name back at the top! Using spare kitchen appliances, she was able to build a robot to help her achieve her goal. She calls it the General Relation and Intelligence Learning System. Together, Euphemia will lead  G.R.I.L.S. through restaurants to retrieve pieces of the recipe and create the ultimate burger!

Grab a vive and a friend, and get ready for a new experience in virtual reality! Work together to solve puzzles and explore a world of food, climbing and cooperation!


Bots 'N' Burgers 1.01 46 MB

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